B1 LROF Test Center 1.3

A software suite for verification and modeling the OpenFlow 1.3 version of the OF-DPA Pipeline on the B1

Validating a Disruptive Technology

The OpenFlow Data Plain Abstraction (OF-DPA) technology is a disruptive switching technology. OF-DPA changes the game by delivering high-performance OpenFlow capabilities on main stream Broadcom switch silicon. This creates line-rate OpenFlow switches with the economics of mass produced components.

The OF-DPA maps the capabilities for switch silicon developed for IPv4/6 routing to the OpenFlow protocols. This delivers line-rate performance and cost effective solution. But at what cost. How compliant is this new technology to the OpenFlow standards.

Platform Verification for Broadcom OF-DPA

Validation of OF-DPA compliance to the OpenFlow specification is a critical process for client acceptance of the new technology into their network deployments. The B1 LROF TestCenter 1.3 is a software suite that provides a validation and modeling environment for the OF-DPA pipeline.

LROF TestCenter 1.3 software installed on a B1 provides all of the tools necessary to verify OpenFlow 1.3 compliance levels of LineRateOF running on the compute section of a B1. The verification software is based on the popular RYU controller and Test Tools which includes over 800 test scenarios that have been modified to work with LineRateOF and the OF-DPA Pipeline.

RYU Controller with Test Tools modified for OFDPA use

  • Test and programming model for OpenFlow 1.3 compliance
  • Supports Action, Set-Field, Match, Group and Meter

B1 OF-DPA Certification Platform Includes:

  • RYU Controller
  • Test Tools modified for use with the OF-DPA Pipeline
  • Reference OVS Software Switch running on Compute Environment
  • Over 800 Test Cases Being Ported to OF-DPA Pipeline
  • Based on OF-DPA EA3 and Indigo 2.0 OF-Agent

Compute Environment

  • Dual Xeon v2 Processors
  • Eight 10 Gig data paths between compute and switch for flexible configuration


  • All-in-one test platform arrives configured and ready to go
  • Test scripts can be used as a blueprint on how to use the OF-DPA pipeline for application development

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Configuration Components

The TestCenter is based the open source testing tool developed by NTT using the Ryu Controller, and ported to the LineRateOF B1 environment. The TestCenter includes:

  • The LineRateOF Switch under test – This is the network section of the B1 running LineRateOF
  • A supporting OpenFlow switch – This is OVS-OF running on the hypervisor of the compute section of the B1
  • A Ryu Controller – This is the controller running on the hypervisor of the compute section of the B1. Or, controller can run on a PC and be connected to the out-of-band port on the B1
  • The Ryu Test Application – This is a software application that takes test cases – json formatted OpenFlow messages – and converts the instructions into Rye “North Bound API” calls that implement the test scenario. In the TestCenter this is running on the same device as the controller.
  • A test case portfolio – This is a portfolio of LineRateOF / OF-DPA pipeline test cases. Each of these test cases has been ported from the original NTT developed test –designed for a generic OpenFlow switch – the to a test case producing the same result but processed via the OF-DPA pipeline.

Example Code for setting up the OF-DPA pipeline

ZNYX has ported the RYU test suite to work with the OF-DPA pipeline. Each of these test case not only validate a specific set of functionality but also provide developers example code on how this functionality is programmed using the OF-DPA pipeline. This “blueprint” for implementing functionality via the OF-DPA pipeline will reducing the learning curve and decreasing application development time.

Model OF-DPA Pipeline for development

The B1 verification platform is an ideal environment where you can quickly model and verify the pipeline process easily using json files and code snippets before writing any application code. By modeling the pipeline you can test table entries and packet output before a single line of application logic code is written.