10Gigabit AdvancedTCA® Compute Blade


At a Glance:

  • Higher Performance Intel® Xeon® Processors
    • Single and Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 Series 6-Core and 8-Core processors provide the highest compute performance in an ATCA form factor
    • Up to 16-Cores / 32 threads per blade
    • Compatible with the “Ivy Bridge” Series processors
  • Virtualization
    • Includes OpenArchitect® 4 Linux Distribution with KVM for virtualization
    • “Sandy Bridge” VT technology includes VT-x and VT-d for VM hardware acceleration
    • 10G Ethernet interfaces support SR-IOV, Packet Filtering, Packet Switching and Packet Shaping
    • VMDq improves throughput and overall performance
    • Intel® Data Direct I/O provides direct access to processor cache without going through system memory
  • Memory
    • Features 16 DDR3 memory sockets, the maximum amount of memory available on any ATCA blade
    • Supports up to 512GB of memory, ideal for applications with multiple virtual environments or a large database
    • High-speed 1600MHz memory bus
    • Advanced RAS support, including channel mirroring and rank-level sparing
  • Storage and I/O
    • Dual mSATA SSD distes on mainboard enable RTM-less operation with up to 512GB of local storage
    • Compatible with the Oracle® RTM specification with multiple vendors offering I/O and storage RTMs
    • Dual 10G Ethernet to RTM
    • Redundant 1G Ethernet links to Base Interface
    • Redundant 10G Ethernet links to Fabric Interface

Product Overview:

Virtualized environments have become a key requirement for next–generation applications, reducing system infrastructure costs and offering improved efficiency and scaling. The ZX9210 allows System Architects the highest performance Intel® Xeon® E5–2600 Series processors with the largest memory footprint available in an AdvancedTCA® (ATCA) compute blade to host up to 32 virtual machines (VMs) in a single compute blade, each with a dedicated hardware thread.

The ZX9210 is a dual socket compute blade that can be configured with a single E5–2620 (6C/12T) for entry–level cost–effective solutions up to dual E5–2648L or E5–2658 (8C/16T) processors for high-end configurations. The ZX9210 includes support for “Ivy Bridge” processors, which allow customers to leverage advances in Intel Architectures (IA) without the need to qualify a new compute blade.

With 16 DDR3 memory sockets, the ZX9210 provides the highest number of sockets on any ATCA blade. This allows for a maximum of 512GB of memory and serves as a cost–effective configuration for applications with lower memory requirements. The additional sockets can be used to optimize memory by utilizing lower–cost, low–density DIMMs.

The ZX9210 includes dual USB and DVI video on the front panel, as well as dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for direct connection to the processor and a single Gigabit Ethernet port for access to the base interface network. Two mSATA sites enable up to 512GB of high–speed local storage with additional storage capabilities via an RTM. Dual 10 Gigabit links are routed to an RTM for applications that require up to 20 Gb/s external connectivity. The ZX9210 supports the Oracle® RTM specification, ensuring compatibility with a wide–range of RTMs available from multiple vendors.

Designed to handle a large number of VMs, the ZX9210 includes several hardware–based virtualization technologies to improve VM performance, including:

  • Intel Data Direct I/O – provides direct access to processor cache. This improves the LLC hit rate, relieves congestion on the memory sub–system which frees up bandwidth and provides additional power savings
  • SR–IOV – Shares a single I/O resource between multiple virtual machines
  • Flexible Port Partitioning ‐ Efficiently divides physical Ethernet ports into multiple virtual devices, providing QOS

OpenArchitect® 4

Bundled at no additional fee, OpenArchitect®4 (OA4) is a finely tuned Linux distribution based on Ubuntu® server and KVM (kernel-based virtual machine). OA4 provides customers a fully supported, pre–integrated and tested distribution that has been fine–tuned for hosting large numbers of VMs. In conjunction with ZNYX switching products, the ZX9210 provides industry–leading performance in packet vectoring to VMs. Driver level tuning with the latest Intel technology achieves a new benchmark in packet distribution to VMs. Critical to telco deployments and demanded by mil/aero device manufacturers, OA4 provides up to five years of stability by limiting code base changes to only security patches. With finite changes affecting the software, the need to re–qualify a release is avoided, thus saving time and money.

Ordering Information

ProductModel NumberDescription
Compute BladeZX9210-1E52620-Q1Single "Sandy Bridge" E52620 6 Core / 2 GHz / 95W Processor
Compute BladeZX9210-1E52658-Q1Single "Sandy Bridge" E52658 8 Core / 2.1 GHz / 95W Processor
Compute BladeZX9210-1E52648L-Q1Single "Sandy Bridge" E52648L 8 Core / 1.8 GHz / 70W Processor
Compute BladeZX9210-2E52620-Q1Dual "Sandy Bridge" E52620 6 Core / 2 GHz / 95W Processor
Compute BladeZX9210-2E52658-Q1Dual "Sandy Bridge" E52658 8 Core / 2.1 GHz / 95W Processor
Compute BladeZX9210-2E52648L-Q1Dual "Sandy Bridge" E52648L 8 Core / 1.8 GHz / 70W Processor
Memory211-0168-0014GB / 1600 MHz / ECC / DDR3 DIMM
Memory211-0172-0018GB / 1600 MHz / ECC / DDR3 DIMM
Memory211-0173-00116GB / 1600 MHz / ECC / DDR3 DIMM
Memory211-0174-00132GB / 1600 MHz / ECC / DDR3 DIMM
SSD StorageZX9000U-0040M0340GB / mSATA / SSD / MLC
SSD StorageZX9000U-0080M0380GB / mSATA / SSD / MLC
SSD StorageZX9000U-0256M03256GB / mSATA / SSD / MLC
RTMZX9000R-4152x 1TB SAS Disks / Video / 1G RJ-45 / 2x USB / Console / LAN