40Gigabit AdvancedTCA® Hub Switch


At a Glance:

  • Mid-size Single AMC with support for PCIe x4 and dual 10G/40G connections
  • Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1105C v2 (4C/8T) at 1.8GHz
  • OpenArchitect® OS with KVM
  • Host application management on embedded processor
  • PacketVectoring™ stateless load-balancing
  •  Non-blocking 40G performance for up to 12 ATCA payload blades
  • Fastest failover performance possible in packet-switched networks
  • Easy integration with third-party protocol stacks
  • Flexible customization through modular design
  • Substantial TCO savings


The ZX8100 from ZNYX Networks is a complete ATCA 3.1 hub solution for 40G with advanced features. With 674 Gbps of switching capacity, the ZX8100 delivers non-blocking 40G performance for up to 12 ATCA payload blades, and supports a variety of egress configurations.

With the ZX8100’s “out-of-the-box”” virtual environment directly on the switch control processor for system applications management, more compute blade capacity is available, which reduces system infrastructure costs and complexity. A 64-bit IA control processor enables the ZX8100 to be the first switch to use the new OpenArchitect®4 (OA4) operating system by ZNYX Networks.

A site for a Mid-size Single AMC with support for PCIe x4 and dual 10G/40G connections is provided. Custom mezzanine configurations are possible for hosting FPGA or network processors for packet processing, flow-based routing, and traffic congestion management with up to 80G of throughput supported.

Ease of Management

System management software can run directly on the switch control processor, which eliminates the need for an additional SBC in the chassis. Virtualized management ports allow a single cable to control the Ethernet switch fabric and the system manager, reducing cabling complexity and improving manageability. Integrated into the ZX8100, Intel® QuickAssist Technology boosts the performance demands of hardware acceleration encryption / decryption and other workloads, such as compression / decompression. The Oracle® RTM specification is also supported ensuring compatibility with a wide range of RTMs from multiple vendors.


OpenArchitect’s unique switch management environment simplifies deploying complex switching rules to perform line rate packet distribution for load balancing, filtering for security, or classification for QoS. Commands from well-known Linux utilities can be mapped into the switch silicon for line rate operation. A stateless load balancing application, PacketVectoring, divides incoming traffic to the chassis and distributes across multiple SBCs and VMs at line rate.

Virtualization Simplified

OA4 delivers substantial savings with its ability to quickly deliver virtual environments. The ZX8100 can support multiple IA virtual environments to run an applications chassis-management function without adding the cost of processors on daughter cards, or needing to dedicate separate SBCs. The switch management function of OpenArchitect runs in its own environment, taking only a small portion of the processing power of the Intel® Xeon® processor.

Fast Failover Performance

Continuous “five 9’s” or better operation is a challenging high availability (HA) requirement in most networks, making hardware redundancy a must. Software facilities are equally critical to enable automatic, rapid re-convergence of the network around failed components. OpenArchitect/HA fills this need with the fastest failover performance possible in packet-switched networks. Instead of convergence in seconds or minutes, which is typical for STP/RSTP failover schemes, OpenArchitect/HA can failover in milliseconds – often faster than the dual-SONET standard of 50 milliseconds.