Cost Effective, Easier to Manage Network Infrastructure

At a Glance:

  • 24 1G Non-Blocking Ethernet Switch
    • 24 1G RJ-45 Copper Ports
  • Two 10G SFP+ ports on Front Panel
  • OpenArchitect® Application Processor
    • PowerPC @ 450MHz
    • 1GB ECC DDR2 RAM
  • Open Standard ATCA 3.0 form factor
    • PICMG 3.1 Option 9 (10Gb/s) Fabric Interface
    • ATCA Backplane Clock Sync Option
  • Management
    • Out of Band 10/100 Ethernet Port
    • Console Serial Port

Product Overview:

The ZX7300 is an ATCA 3.1 switch device designed for use in an Option 1/9 Payload slot. It implements a switch fabric with 24 ports of GigE in-band switching and four ports of in-band 10GigE. Two of the 10GigE ports are routed to the ATCA Fabric to participate in a dual-star 10G architecture with two 10G Hub switches such as the ZX7200 or ZX7250. The link partner over the backplane can be any device that is Option 1 (1G) or Option 9 (10G) compliant.

An OpenArchitect® control processor is used to manage the switch with all the OpenArchitect® features found in the ZX7200 series products. The processor controls the switch and also provides three Out-Of-Band (OOB) GigE Ethernet ports. Two of the OOB ports are routed to the Base Interface of the ATCA backplane to provide management access via the redundant chassis switch.

The two uplink Ethernet ports utilize SFP+ modules for cabling flexibility, allowing either copper or fiber media and supports 1GigE and 10GigE speeds.

Target Applications

External Ethernet switches are often used to inter-connect AdvancedTCA® chassis to external devices within the same rack. The ZX7300 eliminates the need for external rack-mount switches and allows system architects to integrate the complete network infrastructure into the High Availability and management framework within the ATCA chassis.

The ZX7300 extends the capabilities of the ZX1900 5U ATCA platform providing additional egress, ideal for VoIP applications and campus wi-fi / femto-cell aggregators.

Ordering Information:

SwitchZX7300ATCA 3.1 Option 1 / 8 Ethernet Switch
ModuleZX10GSFP-SRSFP+ 10Gb Optical Transceiver
ModuleZX1GSFP-SRSFP 1Gb Optical Transceiver
ModuleZX1GSFP-CUSFP 1Gb Copper Transceiver