10Gigabit AdvancedTCA® Hub Switch

At a Glance:

  • 26-port 3.0 Base
    • 12 Base payload
    • 1 10G Front Egress
    • 2 1G Front Egress
    • 6 1G Rear Egress
    • 1 Base ISL
    • 2 ShMC (ECN.001)
  • Full Base and Fabric Separation
  • OpenArchitect┬« 3 w/ Linux Kernel
  • 20-port 10G 3.1 Fabric
    • 12 Option 1/9 payload
    • 6 1G/10G Egress (SFP+)
    • 1 1G/10G Rear Panel Egress (SFP+)
    • 1 10G ISL
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Supported
  • Wire-speed L2/L3 Switching
  • Wire-speed L2 – L7 Packet Classification

Product Overview:

The OpenArchitect® ZX7250 is an ATCA 3.1 switch that achieves the full potential of the 10-Gigabit Backplane market. With twenty 10-Gigabit Fabric ports, the ZX7250 can support a full-chassis of Option 9 / Option 1 payload boards while hosting five 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports for chassis egress. The Base Interface is served by a separate switch with 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports and an additional two 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports.


The Perfect Entry for 10-Gigabit Backplanes

The 10-Gigabit backplane market is developing very rapidly and requires a precise balance between features and cost. The ZX7250 helps leading edge projects remain competitive by providing advanced features and the lowest parts count possible in its product class. By emphasizing simplicity and elegance in the ATCA 3.1 Option 9 chassis environment, the ZX7250 combines low power consumption with straightforward configuration and trouble-free operation. The use of recently standardized SFP+ modules for 10-Gigabit egress ports allows cost-optimization for low-bandwidth deployments, while enabling up to 99 Gigabits of flexible egress bandwidth when it is needed

Full Data and Control Plane Separation

By providing completely separate switches and control processors for the Fabric and the Base networks, the ZX7250 meets the rigorous security requirements of carrier environments. No matter what happens on the data plane, the control plane can be kept isolated and secure, assuring total control over the network at all times.

Ordering Information:

SwitchZX7250ATCA 3.1 Option 1 / 9 Ethernet Switch
RTMZX6000RTMATCA RTM w/ Four 1G Base (RJ-45)
RTMZX6000RTM-MCGATCA RTM w/ Four 1G Base (RJ-45) + Master Clock Generator
RTMZX7250-RTMATCA RTM w/ Six 1G Base (RJ-45) + One 1G/10G Fabric (SFP+) + One 10G Base
ModuleZX10GSFP-SRSFP+ 10Gb Optical Transceiver
ModuleZX1GSFP-SRSFP 1Gb Optical Transceiver
ModuleZX1GSFP-CUSFP 1Gb Copper Transceiver