10G/40G AdvancedTCA® Platform

Patented Design of ZX2000 delivers 50% more Payload Slots in 5U Chassis

The “Right-sized” ZX2000 Switches lower the Platform Cost Compared to Kontron, Radisys, Emerson, or ADlink midsize Solutions

The ZX2000’s unique design – compressing the dual switches and shelf managers into the small envelope normally used for only the shelf managers – provides 6 payload slots in a 5U ATCA chassis, that’s 50% more than the 4 payload slots offered by Kontron, Radisys, Emerson, or ADlink.

The design also reduces cost by “right-sizing” the ZX2000 switch capabilities to the backplane capacity of the mid-sized chassis; while Kontron, Radisys, Emerson, or ADlink use their switches designed for full-size chassis which results in the majority of switching capacity being unused – an inefficient and costly solution.

The ZX2000 switching environments delivers the highest ratio of Ethernet Ingress capacity to backplane capacity in any ATCA chassis. The 10G platform provides 60G of Ethernet Ingress for a 60G backplane, and the 40G platform provides 160G of Ethernet Ingress for a 240G backplane.

Explore the innovative features of the ZX2000 below. If it looks like a fit for you needs make sure to visit the Test Drive free evaluation offer.

 System Density

ZNYX innovation delivers more functional density – more payload slots, more Ethernet uplink capacity, more CPU cores, and more virtualization – than any competitive 5U platform.


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  • Typcial 5U System Density 66%
  • ZX2000 Density 100%

High Availability

Fully redundant infrastructure with a fault tolerant network transport layer, the ZX2000 can recover from network failures within 50ms, completely transparent to the applications running within the ZX2000.


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The ZX2000 is a ruggedized modular platform based on the ATCA form factor that can be quickly integrated to deploy high-performance service solutions. ATCA is ideal for telecom, military and aerospace environments.


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Packet Vectoring

PacketVectoring is a ZNYX developed application which enables line-rate stateless load balancing or line-rate packet filtering. It is licensed at no charge as part of the technology bundle provided with the ZX2010 or ZX2040 switches.


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ZNYX innovation delivers un-matched virtualization in a 5U chassis. OpenArchitect, the bundled operating system, provides the KVM virtualization environment at no charge. This means that you can eliminate the expensive VMware tax.


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Redundant 10/40G network provide a fast datapath, while a 1G network allows for control traffic separation. Internal and external network interfaces are optimized to provide a balanced design, removing network congestion to your application.


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