ZX2000 - Power & Cooling

10G/40G AdvancedTCA® Platform


Power and Cooling

Over 300W per slot of power and cooling

The ZX2000 is available in both AC and DC power input modules, able to accommodate a wide variety of deployment environments. The AC powered configuration features dual PSUs that provide over 300W per slot in a 6U form factor. High-Efficiency 80 Plus Platinum rated AC rectifiers produce up to 2725W per supply to meet demanding power requirements. The DC configuration can accept a wide range of voltages (-40 VDC to -69 VDC) ensuring compatibility with your DC powered environments. Both the AC and DC model power inputs are hot-swappable allowing for in-field servicing without bringing the system down for maintenance. The Shelf Manager monitors the power input and can take action or notify a technician when the system needs to be serviced or to perform preventative maintenance. ZX2000_family Both the AC and DC configurations includes a dual branch power rail that isolates devices for added protection. The AC version includes voltage overvoltage and undervoltage protection on the input and output side of the rectifier.

Cooling Subsystem

The ZX2000 includes a side-to-side cooling system with dual high-powered fan trays and cooling capabilities of over 350 Watts per slot.. The push-pull cooling allows for continued operation in the event of a fan failure and the hot-swappable fan trays reduce system downtime. The shelf managers continually monitor the temperature sensors throughout the chassis and automatically adjust the fan speed for optimal cooling. Front panel LED indicators communicate the health and status of the fan tray.