ZX2000 - Packet Vectoring

10G/40G AdvancedTCA® Platform

Packet Vectoring
PacketVectoring is a ZNYX developed application which enables line-rate stateless load balancing or line-rate packet filtering. It is licensed at no charge as part of the technology bundle provide with the ZX2010 or ZX2040 switches. PacketVectoring works with the OpenArchitect switch management to program Content Aware Processor (CAP) functionality of the Broadcom switch fabric. The CAP technology allows packet to forwarded, and in some cases modified, via selector rules looking at content – IP source address for example – in the first 128 bytes of a packet.
More Capability Without More Cost
PacketVectoring eliminate the need for an expensive load balancing system. Or, when used as a filtering technology, it eliminate the need for an expensive DPI network processing card. Thus, PacketVectoring is an example of ZNYX’s commitment to functional density. PacketVectoring added powerful capabilities to the switching infrastructure already in the ZX2000 platform.