ZX2000 - Density

10G/40G AdvancedTCA® Platform



ZNYX Innovation Delivers More Functionality at Lower Cost

In 5U chassis from Radisys, Kontron, Emerson, ADlink, Schroff, or Elma, the redundant switches occupy two of the six slots. ZNYX re-engineered the 5U chassis by consolidating the switches and shelf managers into the top-of-chassis space formerly dedicated to just the shelf managers. This patented innovation – consolidating all the chassis infrastructure into the top section – frees all 6 slots in the ZX2000 for payload boards (see animation below).

Consolidation of the infrastructure into the top-of-chassis drives increased functional density in the payload area:

Payload Slot Density The ZX2000 configured with a fully redundant switching environment still provides 6 payload slots. This is an increase of 50% over the 5U chassis offered by Radisys, Kontron, Emerson, ADlink, Schroff, or Elma.
Ethernet Uplink Density
The ZX2000 platform provides the best uplink to payload throughput in the industry. The 10G Ethernet version provides 60G of redundant uplink capacity; 100% of the payload throughput capacity (6 blades of 10G). The 40G version provides 160G of redundant Ether net uplink capacity; 66% of the 240G payload throughput capacity (6 blades at 40G).
Ethernet Backplane Density
For throughput demanding applications such as Security or deep packet inspection, the ZX2000 platform provides unequaled packet delivery rates to the payload blades. The 10G system delivers 60G to the payload blades. The 40G system delivers 240G to the payload blades.
CPU Core Density
A ZX2000 with six ZX9210 or ZX9240 sever blades can be configured with up to 120 cores of the new IvyBridge version of Intel Xeon processing power. This is an increase of 50% processing power over the 5U platforms offered by Radisys, Kontron, Emerson, or ADlink.