ZX2000 - ATCA

10G/40G AdvancedTCA® Platform


ATCA Compliant Modular Design

Open-Standards Modular Architecture leverages a large ecosystem of software and hardware technologies

The ZX2000 is a bladed compute platform designed around a modular architecture providing a hot-swappable, field-serviceable hardware infrastructure ready for application integration. Blade server systems based on open-standards numerous advantages over proprietary blade servers offered by HP®, IBM® and Dell® by leveraging a thriving ecosystem of vendors that develop ATCA-based products eliminating vendor lock-in. Another advantage, is the pace at which the standards-based systems innovate with backplane throughput where 10G and 40G are now standard for ATCA. Due to the modular design, specific sub-systems can be upgraded in place to add new features, extending the initial investment of the system. In-field servicing of the platform is simplified by the modular design. Individual sub-systems or application blades can be hot-swapped and removed from service while a Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) is installed. This dramatically reduces down-time and simplifies the repair when compared to standard rackmount servers.

Fully-Integrated Solution

The ZX2000 includes all of the necessary infrastructure, pre-integrated, and ready for application blades to be added. The ZX2000 takes the complexity out of qualifying and testing of the hardware sub-systems so that customers can quickly take a design from prototype to field deployments with a reduced “time-to-market”. The sub-systems include:

  • Hardware Platform Management – Monitors and logs voltage and temperature sensors throughout the system for health events. The Hardware Platform Manager can be provisioned to take action when events occur.
  • 10G or 40G Network – The system includes a complete Ethernet switching infrastructure including High Availability software and Packet Vectoring, state-less load balancing software. Both 10G and 40G switch cards are available.
  • Power – Power input modules are available in both AC and DC version providing each payload slot with up to 350W/slot. The power input system is monitored by the Hardware Platform Manager and can report problems with incoming power sources.
  • Cooling – Redundant fan trays provide a side-to-side push-pull cooling system which provides cooling capabilities for up to 350W/slot.


Vendor Ecosystem

By utilizing the ATCA eco-system for payload blades the number of compatible devices with the ZX2000 ensure that the building blocks for your application are available. The ZX9210 and ZX9240 are ideal for virtualization or compute intensive applications. For applications that require special packet processing, storage, or I/O, ZNYX can integrate products from over 100 companies in the ATCA ecosystem.