B1-n Top of Rack Switch with Virtualized Intel® x86 Environment

Product Overview

The B1-n provides a 10/40 Gig Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch with virtualization technology. The switch management processer (Intel x86) also provides Virtual Machine (VM) functionality that can be used to run software applications such as Cloud Orchestration, Network Service, Data Visualization, and Data Acquisition. Thus Telecommunication Service Providers, Cloud Operators and Enterprise Data Centers can optimize their networking infrastructure by adding services directly onto the ToR switches.

The B1-n facilitates programing the underlying Broadcom switch silicon via the Linux Networking API, a well-known and broadly-supported industry standard. This enables the use of cost-efficient Open Source networking software such as the Quagga Protocol stack.

The ZNYX developed OpenArchitect software provides the switch management, virtualization technology, and PacketFiltering™. PacketFiltering enables line-rate execution of custom rules to filter, mirror, drop or forward packets on any field in the 5-tuple of the packet header. With PacketFileting network architect can craft powerful new services at no additional cost.

Throughput (Gbps)

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The network environment is a powerful 400G non-blocking switch fabric with 24 10G ports and 4 40G ports on the front panel. Using an optional breakout cable, the 40G ports can be broken out into 4 10G ports each providing a total of 40 10G ports on the front panel. The x86 environment is connected via 4 1G links for the data-path and PCIe for management of the switch fabric. The x86 processor includes dual DDR3 channels and a SATA Gen3 channel for access to fast SSD Storage.

OpenArchitect 4 with KVM

OpenArchitect 4, included with the B1-n, is a Linux distribution tuned and supported by ZNYX. ZNYX Shadowing Technology allows for applications to make changes to the Linux Kernel routing tables via the standard Linux Networking API or through the ZNYX CLI and pushes those changes into the silicon to operate at line-rate. ZNYX also provides a PacketFiltering™ application which enables custom rules to filter, mirror, drop or forward packets based on any field in the 5-tuple of the packet header.

OpenArchitect also includes the Linux KVM hypervisor and can host VMs with guest Operating Systems to provide better consolidation of services directly on the switch hardware.

Scalable, Future-Proof Architecture

The B1-n is part of a family of Top of Rack switch products which include NFV and SDN functionality. The B1 is a super-set of the B1-n which incorporates an Intel Xeon Server environment for hosting virtualized network appliances right in the data-path. The virtualized appliances use the Broadcom switch silicon for application chaining eliminating the need for a software switch in the hypervisor.

Offered as a software upgrade on all of the ZNYX B Series ToR switches, LineRateOF transforms the B1 into an OpenFlow 1.3 compliant switch. As legacy IPv4 network migrate to SDN, existing B Series switches can be upgraded without purchasing new equipment.