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New ZNYX Platform Produces Line‐Rate Packet Delivery to Virtual Machines


Fremont, Calif. – October 23, 2012 –  ZNYX, an innovator of high–density solution enabling platforms for carrier–grade and mission critical environments, today launched the ZX9210 compute blade. The new ZNYX platform features the highest performance Intel® Xeon® processor E5–2600 and delivers the largest memory footprint available in an AdvancedTCA® (ATCA) compute blade.

“ZNYX was able to develop the richest ATCA feature set utilizing the highest performance Intel® Xeon® processor E5–2600,” said David Parkinson, vice president of hardware engineering, ZNYX Networks. “Among the impressive capabilities designed into ZNYX’s ZX9210 ATCA compute blade include dual–sockets using embedded Intel® Xeon® processors and onboard solid state storage.”

Designed for equipment manufacturers, application providers and systems integrators, the ZX9210 supports the Intel® next generation communications platform. The integrated Intel® QuickAssist technology enables packet processing on IA, and accelerates cryptography and data compression workloads.

“Equipment manufacturers embrace the Crystal Forest platform for next generation communications because it provides high performance and accelerates time to market by delivering workload consolidation – applications, control and packet processing all in one platform,” said Connie Austin, president and CEO, ZNYX Networks. “Ideal for ATCA compute blades, the Intel® Xeon® processor E5–2600 allows manufacturers to meet mission critical demands in a cost-effective way.”

ZX9210 Features and Benefits

The ZX9210 hosts up to 32 virtual machines (VMs) in a single compute blade, each with a dedicated thread to facilitate highly scalable virtual environments for improved efficiency and lower infrastructure costs. Designed to handle a large number of VMs, the ZX9210 includes several hardware–based virtualization technologies to improve VM performance. Intel® Data Direct I/O provides direct access to processor cache and SR–IOV, which shares a single I/O resource between multiple VMs.

Dual QuickAssist silicon, Intel® Communications Chipset 8920, represents the maximum of any ATCA server blade available, and delivers the most offload capacity for encryption and compression. The ZX9210 has largest memory footprint in the industry, and produces line–rate packet delivery to VMs.

Up to 16 processor cores support 512GB memory for high performance computing and server applications. Available in a 10G configuration, the ZX9210 offers 16 DDR3 memory sockets, providing the highest number of sockets on any ATCA blade. A maximum of 512GB of memory ensures a cost–effective configuration for applications with lower memory requirements. Additional sockets can be used to optimize memory by utilizing lower cost, low–density DIMMs.

The ZX9210 also features two SSD mSATA drives, dual USB, video, and Ethernet. Dual 10 Gb links are routed to an RTM for applications that require up to 20 Gb/s external connectivity. The ZX9210 supports the Oracle® RTM specification, ensuring compatibility with a wide–range of RTMs from multiple vendors.

ZX9210 Pricing and Availability

The ZNYX ZX9210 ATCA Compute Blade is available now. For pricing, contact ZNYX at sales@znyx.com or (510) 249-0800.

About ZNYX

For more than 20 years, ZNYX has been the foremost source for Ethernet adaptors, switches, blades, and fully integrated AdvancedTCA® platforms that deliver superior value. Currently, installed ZNYX technologies support more than 110 million users every day. Equipment manufacturers, application providers and systems integrators rely on ZNYX to create solutions that are optimized for performance, time-to-market, reliability, and cost–of–ownership. ZNYX is a general member of the Intel® Intelligent Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers.