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ZNYX Unleashes 50 Percent More Payload in Standard ATCA 5U

ZNYX Ultra5 ZX2000 offers unmatched cost and space efficiency


SAN JOSE, Calif., AdvancedTCA Summit 2011, Nov. 1, 2011 –  ZNYX Networks Inc. established new AdvancedTCA (ATCA) leadership today with the introduction of the Ultra5™ ZX2000 – a mid-range chassis with a new level of infrastructure density that enables the highest revenue-generating blade capacity of any 5U chassis available. Optimized for telecommunications, military, and aerospace network applications, the Ultra ZX2000 provides six payload slots for 10G ATCA 3.1 blades, a huge increase over the four slots provided in competitive 5U chassis. The ZX2000 also provides a fully redundant platform with high availability (HA) and ATCA-compliant features and functionality.

“This ground-breaking innovation allows our Application Integrator partners to increase the potential service revenues of their solutions, within the same 5U footprint, by 50 percent. This is a dramatic increase in the value of their platform that directly effects the bottom line and long-term viability of both our partners and their customers,” said Connie Austin, chief executive officer, ZNYX Networks. “ZNYX is committed to developing platforms to drive greener, more energy efficient, and more cost-effective ATCA 5U applications.”

The highly integrated ZX2000 platform has six ATCA 3.1 Option 1/9 (1G or 10G) node slots in addition to two fully-featured 10G OpenArchitect® Ethernet Switches, and full redundancy in power and cooling for up to 375 Watts per slot. To achieve this high payload capacity, ZNYX specially engineered a combination of its 20-port 10GbE Switch System with a Shelf Manager that fits into the envelope normally used by the Shelf Manager alone. This patent-pending design innovation removes the need for using full ATCA slots for switch/hub devices, resulting in 50 percent more payload.

“The ZX2000 was designed to improve overall ATCA acquisition cost, improve energy and operational efficiencies. Additionally, stacking allows for redundant scaling as the application requirements grow,” stated Alton Wong, director of engineering, ZNYX Networks.

The ZX2000 uses the same OpenArchitect® management software as the ZNYX family of hub-switch. OpenArchitect is a proven switch management environment with industry leading high-availability and packet filtering functionality. Thus the application integrator reduces complexity by having the same switch management technology for the embedded Ethernet routing within the chassis and the fan-out routing to the local devices.

The ZNYX Ultra5 ZX2000 is available in the first quarter of 2012. Please contact sales@znyx.com for OEM pricing.

About ZNYX Ultra5

ZNYX has taken a strong leadership position with the Ultra5, the company’s new flagship platform product line. The ZNYX Ultra5 series of mid-size platforms provide application integrators with superior value-add opportunity through the highest integration and core density in an ATCA 5U chassis. Each system is optimized to fit the unique requirements of common industry applications. The ZNYX Ultra5 series builds on ZNYX Networks’ established standards-based Ethernet switch leadership, continued innovation, and integration to deliver the ultimate in mid-sized ATCA platforms.

About ZNYX Networks

ZNYX Networks is the new leader in mid-range ATCA platforms delivering unmatched density in CarrierClass™ platforms for telecommunications, military, government, aerospace and security. With over a decade of proven integration expertise and ATCA Ethernet switch leadership, ZNYX Networks has become the premier source for switches, blades, and fully integrated ATCA platforms that deliver superior value.

Equipment manufacturers, application providers, and system integrators rely on ZNYX products in order to create next-generation solutions optimized for performance, time-to-market, reliability, and cost-of-ownership. ZNYX innovation has earned ZNYX world-renowned customers in telecommunications, aerospace, and military; including Apple, BAE, Boeing, Fujitsu, SAIC, Intel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, NEC, Nokia, and Siemens. ZNYX CarrierClass HA embedded Ethernet products are a critical part of communication platforms for tier one carriers such as AT&T, NTT Docomo, Sprint, and Verizon.

Founded in 1992, ZNYX Networks is headquartered in Fremont, Calif. with advanced research centers in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, California. For more information, please visit www.znyx.com or email sales@znyx.com.