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ZX2040 Utilizes Virtualization Technology to Achieve New Levels of Extensibility and Integration


FREMONT, Calif. – September 4, 2013 –  ZNYX® Networks, an innovator of high density solution–enabled platforms for carrier–grade and mission critical environments, today announced the ZNYX ZX2040 AdvancedTCA® (ATCA) hub switch with integrated shelf manager using the 8 core Intel® Atom™ processor C2000. This high performance, low power processor enabled ZNYX to meet the challenging power and space requirements to engineer the ZX2040 switch. The ZNYX Ultra5™ ZX2000 5U ATCA blade server platform now provides up to 480G on the backplane to fulfill the most demanding data plane applications. With the ZX2040 switch, the ZX2000 platform can be upgraded quickly and easily from a 10G fabric connection to a 40G solution.

ZNYX adopted Intel processors to take advantage of its available virtualization technologies. In this industry–leading move, the multi–core Intel Atom processor C2000 provides both management functionality for the switch silicon and additional virtual machine (VM) support for hosting chassis management and middleware functionality. The ZX2040 achieves an unprecedented level of platform integration empowering customers to run their applications directly on the ATCA switch. This new level of density moves management software from line cards to the hub slot, freeing valuable resources for revenue producing operations.

“The ZX2040 is a game–changer for intermediate–sized platforms. The Intel Atom product family further enhances the extensive integrations of the new ZNYX switch with customer applications,” said Alan Deikman, CTO, ZNYX Networks. “Users can now gain significant compute resources in the chassis even before the first payload board is added, and gain a tremendous advantage over the competition using processors that do not have virtualization features.”

“Communications infrastructure customers are utilizing the new Intel Atom processor C2000 because it offers exceptional levels of I/O and the Intel® QuickAssist Technology hardware acceleration engine, all in a very scalable, single chip implementation,” said Bill Rollender, director of marketing, Intel Communications Infrastructure Division. “Ideal for ATCA hub switches and other space constrained communications systems, the Intel Atom Processor C2000 complements ZNYX software and offers multiple options for product differentiation, while helping accelerate time to market.”

Based on the Ultra5 ZX2000 blade server platform, the ZX2040 features four QSFP 40G ports for external connections to the system, 8GB DDR3 ECC memory, onboard mSATA, Broadcom® Trident Plus 480G switch fabric, Pigeon Point ShMM700 for shelf management, and supports the Intel Atom processor C2000 with up to 8 cores at 2.4GHz and Intel® QuickAssist Technology.

About ZNYX OpenArchitect 4

Bundled at no additional fee, OpenArchitect® 4 (OA4) on ZNYX ATCA switches is an environment that provides both control plane management software and user VMs. The control plane management software, developed by ZNYX Networks, is a scalable management and Ethernet routing software platform that delivers comprehensive routing capabilities, L4–7 filtering and packet classification, plus Class–of–Service features.

OA4 also offers an extensible Linux API environment capable of supporting open–source, third–party or proprietary protocol stacks and routing applications. The OpenArchitect/HA option, a layered application for dual switch chassis, provides a high–speed, fault tolerant, end–to–end “IP transparent” failover solution for hot–swappable Ethernet–based payload blades on a switch–to–switch, VLAN–to–VLAN, or port–to–port basis.

The user VM capabilities of OA4 are a “density” innovation that enables application integrators to move middleware management software, previously running on SBCs in the chassis, to the switch card. This releases SBC compute resources to be used for revenue generating purposes.

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For pricing and availability, contact ZNYX Networks at sales@znyx.com or (800) 724-0911, or visit www.znyx.com.

About ZNYX Networks, Inc.

ZNYX Networks is an innovator of high–density solution enabling platforms for carrier–grade and mission critical environments. Designed for demanding military, aerospace, telecommunications, and energy applications, ZNYX offers a complete portfolio of fully integrated AdvancedTCA® and CompactPCI® platforms, as well as leading compute blade, switch, and software technologies. Equipment manufacturers, application providers and systems integrators rely on ZNYX to create solutions that are optimized for performance, time–to–market, reliability, and cost–of–ownership. ZNYX operates sales and technology centers in Fremont, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo in California, as well as Ridgeland, Mississippi. ZNYX is a general member of the Intel® Intelligent Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers.