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ZNYX Networks Continues Leadership in Control Plane Management Software with the Latest Release of OpenArchitect

Vision to Leverage Linux Open Source Produces Development Momentum and Support Superiority


AdvancedTCA® MicroTCA Summit, Santa Clara Convention Center, CA – November 10, 2010 –  ZNYX Networks Inc, a leading global provider of embedded high-availability Ethernet switches and integrated chassis for CarrierClass™ systems, today announced the release of the next major upgrade of OpenArchitect – its control plane management software. This continues the development momentum of the industry’s most extensible, standards based management software.

The OpenArchitect 3.4.0 release delivers numerous protocol upgrades including improvements to IGMPv3, LACP, MSTP, and support for up to 4 thousand VLANs. In addition, the release is optimized for the new OA/Packet Vectoring software – add-on functionality providing line-rate load balancing and filtering on ZNYX switches.

OpenArchitect 3.4.0 is also the management platform for the ZX1900 – ZNYX Network’s new 5U chassis targeted at network edge applications. The extensible OpenArchitect control plane management software combined with the ZX1900 massive number of 10Gig egress ports in a 5U chassis (industry leading) is the perfect platform for crafting edge applications.

“With the range of supported configurations, OpenArchitect 3.4.0 is the management software that can provide a unified interface for an application provider”s development team. From the small chassis targeted at the network-edge to the largest ATCA chassis residing at the network core,” said Connie Austin, President and CEO of ZNYX Networks. “Thus, OpenArchitect delivers value by enabling the application provider to scale their solution without having to modify their application code.”

“We are very pleased with OpenArchitect’s development momentum,” said Alan Deikman, CTO of ZNYX Networks. “We have always believed in using open source Linux operating system and standards-based Linux networking APIs as a powerful resource behind developing our switch management software. Today’s release of OpenArchitect continues to validate this vision.” “It also needs to be noted that the open source strategy has allowed ZNYX to control every line of source code for the management software installed on any switch hardware ZNYX ships.” continued Alan Deikman. “Our clients never have to beg a third party stack developer to address a revision or upgrade, and this is a core component of Znyx’s best-in-class support.”

About OpenArchitect®

OpenArchitect®, the control plane management software developed by ZNYX Networks, provides a scalable management and Ethernet routing software platform and delivers comprehensive L3 routing capabilities, L4-7 filtering, plus Class-of-Service features. In addition, OpenArchitect offers an extensible Linux API environment capable of supporting open-source, 3rd party or proprietary protocol stacks and routing applications. OpenArchitect/HA, a layered application for dual switch chassis, provides a high-speed, fault-tolerant, end-to-end “IP transparent” failover solution for “hot-swappable” Ethernet-based payload blades on a switch-to-switch, VLAN-to-VLAN, or port-to-port basis.

About ZNYX

A global leader in high availability embedded network and switch solutions; ZNYX Networks provides comprehensive solutions for CarrierClass™ systems used in Telecom, Military, Aerospace and Security applications. Equipment manufacturers and system integrators rely on ZNYX Networks to create next-generation solutions with high availability, optimal performance and strict compliance to telecommunications standards. The ZNYX Networks line of products and services consists of pre-built, pre-tested embedded network and switch solutions providing Layer 2-7 packet classification and filtering technologies that offer design engineers significant “time to market” advantages. Founded in 1992, privately held ZNYX Networks is headquartered in Fremont, California with an advanced research center in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, please visit www.znyx.com or email sales@znyx.com.