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Adax Partners with ZNYX Networks to Deliver Integration Tested AdvancedTCA Subsystem Solutions to support 4G, LTE, IMS and Next Generation Network Applications


November 10th, 2010, Berkeley, CA –  Adax, a 25 year veteran providing industry leading high-availability Legacy and Packet Processing products, announced today at the ATCA Summit that it has formed a partnership with ZNYX Networks, the leading supplier of high-availability embedded Ethernet solutions for CarrierClass™ systems. This new alliance will focus resources from both companies on integration testing of subsystem solutions utilizing complementary products from each company that form foundation subsystems for customers providing 4G, LTE, IMS and Next Generation Network applications, regardless of the path network providers take in the evolution from legacy carrier nodes towards next generation networks.

Foundation subsystems will be based on proven AdvancedTCA platforms utilizing the Adax PacketRunner (APR) an Intelligent ATCA carrier card for I/O intensive telecom applications with 4 AMC slots. The slots will take advantage of Adax AMC cards including the Adax PacketAMC (PktAMC) for Front-end processing of Layer 2 protocols, ATM4-AMC for SS7 signaling and ATM-IP IW, and the HDC3-AMC for SS7/ATM T1/E1 signaling and I-TDM for PCM voice to IP. The on-board Cavium OCTEON™ 56XX multi-core processor, with dedicated memory and cache provides a high performance, highly flexible and scalable blade for 4G, NGN, IMS and LTE telecom network applications. These Adax proven ATCA solutions will be integrated into the new ZX1900 5U Packet Processing platform with ZNYX Networks ZX5000 or ZX7250 ATCA Ethernet switch solutions.

“ZNYX Networks is a pioneer in open standards solutions for high-availability Ethernet switching with a family of ATCA Ethernet switch hardware and open, extensible Ethernet switch management solutions,” said Drew Sproul, Director of Marketing at Adax, Inc. “Adax focuses on developing and delivering high-performance telecom products like our Cavium based PacketRunner, PacketAMC and QuickPort development environment.” “The natural synergy of the two companies’ complementary products and mutual customers makes this partnership hugely significant in meeting the challenges of transitioning to these next generation networks by provisioning of flexible, efficient transport interfaces between new equipment and existing infrastructure.”

“With Adax’ long expertise in signaling reliability and performance to bear on the problem of carrier grade IP networks and their full array of packet processing products, Adax is the ideal partner to bring integration tested subsystems to the telecom market” said Kevin Austin, Director of OEM Sales at ZNYX Networks. “With our industry leading ATCA Ethernet switching technology and OpenArchitect® Ethernet switch management environment, our customers can leverage the extensibility of the OpenArchitect® environment and our field proven Ethernet switch products to enable rapid development and deployment of applications with shorter time-to-market.” “With mutual customers and complementary products our partnership provides tremendous value to customers in easing the transition from legacy to next generation networks providing integrated and tested subsystems to support a broad range of solutions.”

About ZNYX

A global leader in high availability embedded network and switch solutions; ZNYX Networks provides comprehensive solutions for CarrierClass™ systems used in Telecom, Military, Aerospace and Security applications. Equipment manufacturers and system integrators rely on ZNYX Networks to create next-generation solutions with high availability, optimal performance and strict compliance to telecommunications standards. The ZNYX Networks line of products and services consists of pre-built, pre-tested embedded network and switch solutions providing Layer 2-7 packet classification and filtering technologies that offer design engineers significant “time to market” advantages. Founded in 1992, privately held ZNYX Networks is headquartered in Fremont, California with an advanced research center in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, please visit www.znyx.com or email sales@znyx.com.

About Adax

Adax has over 25 years experience in distributed signaling solutions and its products are designed to meet today’s challenges of I/O Scalability, Cost Effectiveness and High Availability. With the addition of new IP-transport, MPLS/Carrier Ethernet (CE), QoS, Security, Bandwidth Management, and Packet Processing products to its traditional SS7, ATM and Signaling Gateway solutions, Adax meets these challenges, reduces costs and dramatically improves the value for money of every I/O link.
The flexible architecture of Adax products fulfils the promise of horizontal expansion, enabling cards and blades to be added, removed, and re-allocated with virtually no loss of services. 25+ years of hardware design experience provides Adax customers with high performance, highly reliable and cost-effective solutions, enabling Carriers to retain the value of their CAPEX investment.

Adax customers include some of the world’s premier telecom suppliers such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson and NSN; and value added service (VAS) providers and system integrators such as NetHawk, Comviva and Nexus Telecom.

For more information please visit www.adax.com or email sales@adax.com